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New Year’s Eve Single-Mom Family Trip to Greece: Athens & Mainland

New Year’s Eve Single-Mom Family Trip to Greece: Athens & Mainland

Our trip to Greece was amazing, and huge kudos to Madeleine for planning the entire vacation. Her attention to detail made it seamless, fun, easy to navigate, and memorable! I had lots of questions prior to the trip and she patiently answered every one of them, which made things that much easier for me. Greece is a wonderful country and I am glad we had Madeleine to help us plan it all so we could experience this wonderful country, its food, culture, and people!

Most enjoyable was being able to run in two Olympic stadiums, breaking plates at a restaurant, and seeing the historic sights!

We would probably add a few more days to the trip to squeeze in an island hop to see some islands. I thought, given it was winter, that we would not do the islands, but in hindsight, it would have been nice to experience an island or two as well. We also decided, on our own, to take an open-top bus to see the seaside, and that was a mistake. The bus ride was about three-and-a-half hours and we ended up not getting down, fearing we would have to wait longer for the next bus. That was probably the only mistake we made and we probably should have chatted with Madeleine first. She would have given us a better solution, I am sure!

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